Lift YO Booty

Lift YO Booty

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Lift YO Booty Leggings!!! 👏🔥🍑 These are AMAZING annnnd did I mention they hide cellulite too?! 🥳

I’m SOOOOOO excited to offer these booty lifting leggings!! They are all over tik tok and now we got our hands on some!!

Fit amazing, squat proof and look at that boooty. Top left model is a 5 in Kancans in size S/M. These have great stretch!

Booty enhancing leggings
💲 1️⃣8️⃣ each

These come
▪️ S/M (suggested 0-8)
▪️L/XL (suggested 10-15)
▪️1X/2X (15-18)
▪️2X/3X (18-24)